Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Hello! I have been so slack with posting anything lately, things around here have become a bit mundane (work, cook, eat, sleep - you know the drill)  and I haven't been very creative at all!

I went to a friend's house on Tuesday night and she had such a cool shopping list on her fridge! It was a pad with tear off pages that each had a list of all sorts of different grocery items with check boxes beside them - the idea being that when you run out of something you check the box, and then tear that sheet off at the end of the week to do your shopping!

I thought I would create one of my own, a bit more personalised to all the things that I buy - so have a look, and perhaps you could make one for yourself, or you can download mine HERE.



  1. wow thats really cool! what program did you create it in?

    1. Hey there, I created this in Indesign, but I reckon you could create a simple version using Microsoft Word - I'll have a play and see what I can come up with :)

    2. I just made one in Microsoft Word, but when I uploaded it to google docs it went all screwy... If you are keen I can email it to you?

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  3. So cool Mitch! Such a great idea as I always forget to look in the cupboard before I go shopping! Love yooou and want to see puppy pictures on here and hear how he's settling in. Love x

  4. I came across you site I just want to say Thank you. I made a copy which will come in handy.


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